Your Plan

The Pension Plus 2 retirement plan pairs a guaranteed retirement income with a flexible retirement investment account. It also provides retiree healthcare plans and death and disability benefits.

Pension Component


Savings Component

This piece of your plan guarantees you a lifetime pension once you meet age and service requirements. Look for the “P” throughout this website for details on the pension component.   You’re enrolled in a tax-deferred investment account so you can enhance your savings for retirement. Wherever you see the “S”, you know the information pertains to the savings component.


You’re Off to a Strong Start

A secure retirement depends on a balance of your employer-sponsored retirement plan in addition to social security and your personal savings. Most financial planners recommend that you have a retirement income equal to at least 80 percent of your working income. Because your retirement plan includes a pension and a retirement investment account, you’re off to a strong start.

It’s up to you to ensure you have a balanced retirement plan that will meet your needs in the future. Take advantage of our valuable online resources, and remember, it’s never too early to begin saving for retirement.

Your Pension Plus 2 Partners

Your Employer

Besides equipping you with one of the best retirement plans around, your employer contributes to your Pension Plus 2 plan and reports your wage and service information to the Office of Retirement Services (ORS).

Office of Retirement Services

ORS tracks your wages, service, and pension contributions. ORS also gives you tools and information you’ll need throughout your career to manage your retirement plan.

Voya Financial®

ORS has partnered with Voya® to bring you the Savings Component of your plan. Voya will help you invest your savings, provide you with account statements, and track all contributions to your investment account. Voya also provides valuable online tools and resources to help you plan and set your goals for retirement.


You are the most important player in your Pension Plus 2 retirement plan. Your employer, ORS, and Voya are here to help you reach your retirement goals, but it is up to you to contribute toward your retirement plan and manage it throughout your career.